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The Lacrosse BOOM: The Rise In Popularity In The Shawnee Mission School District, College, And the United States

Alright, PV and Shawnee Mission Parents...

We're diving into the world of lacrosse — the fastest growing youth sport in America.

It's right here in Prairie Village...

It's right here in Shawnee Mission...

At colleges across the nation...

And all over the U.S...

Lacrosse is exploding in popularity. And you, yes YOU, are in the perfect spot to get in on the action.

Let's break it down and see why everyone's talking about lacrosse!

Lacrosse in Shawnee Mission

In our backyard, the Shawnee Mission School District, lacrosse is the talk of the town.

Lacrosse is growing.

Players are making new friends.

Parents are even networking!

The starting Wide Receiver at Rockhurst High School (Jack Bichelmeyer) plays lacrosse.

The Starting Point Guard of SME (Blake Hanson) plays lacrosse.

High school rivalries are developed.

SME v Rockhurst v Pembroke — At the games, there are 3,000+ Parents and students in the stands...

It's a beautiful sight!

The Energy is electric.

Picture this: kids from all walks of life coming together, stick in hand, ready to rock the field.

As fellow PV mom Katie Tritsch said,

"It's been a total game-changer for our family. This sport is about inclusion, teamwork, and, most importantly, having a blast while doing it!"

College Lacrosse: Opening Doors Like Never Before

Now, let's shift gears to college.

Lacrosse isn't just a sport; it's a golden ticket to education and opportunities...

Scholarships? You bet.

Career paths? Absolutely.

We're talking about a sport that's not only fun, but can pave the way for your kid's future.

Imagine your child getting a top-notch education, fueled by their passion for lacrosse.

That's what's happening literally here at PV Lacrosse, and it's a game-changer!

Statistically, Lacrosse is the fastest growing college sport in the country.

And with less competition than football, basketball, baseball, and other sports, lacrosse is the easiest sport to receive a college athletic scholarship.

Lacrosse Across the U.S.: The Sport That's Taking Over

Nationwide, lacrosse is more than a trend – it's a movement.

It's breaking records, shattering stereotypes, and bringing people together.

From East to West, this sport is gaining fans and players at an incredible rate.


Because it's dynamic, inclusive, and, let's be honest, it's just cool.

Lacrosse is the sport of the future, and the future is now!

Be a Pioneer: Join the Lacrosse Community

Here's your call to action...

Prairie Village! Lacrosse is on the rise, and now's the time to get in on the ground floor.

Be a pioneer,

Be an early adopter,

Be part of something special.

PV Lacrosse is waiting for you and your child to join the lacrosse family.

We have a community of awesome people just like you.

Your Child's Opportunity Is Knocking

So, what are you waiting for?

Lacrosse offers opportunities galore – from scholarships and education to being part of a thriving, energetic community to renting lacrosse equipment for first year players, so you can try lacrosse while paying a little as possible!

It's your child's chance to shine, to grow, and to be part of something amazing.

Dive into the world of lacrosse and watch your child thrive. The field is waiting, the team is ready – are you?

Join the lacrosse revolution today. Your child's future self will thank you!


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